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Search Petabytes of Information Not Found on Google and Torrents!

Easy DC Search is a Windows application that can help you to find files in the Direct Connect (DC) file sharing network.
DC client applications, such as DC++, have limited search capabilities, they only search the hubs to which you are manually connected. With Easy DC Search you can search through all hubs in the hublist (well over a thousand hubs) to find files and hubs where they are shared. It is most useful for finding rare files, which cannot be found in majority of hubs.

Screenshot (click to enlarge):

Latest version: v1.2, release date: Apr 3, 2012

Operating System: should work on all 32 and 64 bit Windows versions.


  • Fast multi-threaded search, up to 100 simultaneous connections
  • Supports XML.BZ2 format hublists
  • DC++ (and other DC client) integration. Connect to hubs by double-clicking on search results
  • Search by file type, filter by minimum and/or maximum file size, available free slots
  • Uses active mode for more search results
  • Auto-refresh hublist on application startup
  • Set custom hublist URL
  • Set your nickname, share size, UDP port range, search timeout
  • Search statistics and progress meter
  • Copy any values from search result table to clipboard
  • Sort search results by column, move columns
  • Does not contains any adware or spyware
  • Free updates and support

Please don't use the tool for every search, it can be hard on DC network resources. Use it only to find files, which you cannot find in majority of hubs.


Demo version (EXE installer): Click Here

Note: demo version is intended for demonstration purposes and is not fully functional. To be able to connect to hubs, please purchase the full version.


Author: Gustavs Avotins
E-mail: support@xangi.com

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The price of Full version (single license) is $19.95

License Agreement (for Full version) - Please Read

  1. This is not free software, unauthorized distribution is prohibited.
  2. All copyrights to software are exclusively owned by Xangi Software.
  3. Single license gives you the rights to install and use the software on 1 computer (PC). If you want to use it on 2 or more PCs, you need to purchase an separate license for each PC.
  4. This software is provided "AS IS", without any warranties. Use it at your own risk. The author and Xangi Software will not be liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusing the software.

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